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Q: How often should I visit my dentist/hygienist? 
A: As often as required. We recall patients to see both the Dentist and 
the Hygienist as indicated by their oral health. Some are seen every 3 months – whilst others are seen every 2 years! 
Q: At what age should I start to bring my child to see the dentist? 
A: Children usually start getting their baby teeth at 6 months – so any time after then. But you can always ask our advice regarding your children’s teeth anytime you see your dentist or hygienist. 
Q: Why is my tooth sensitive to hot and cold? 
A: There are lots of different reasons why this happens but a visit to the dentist is advised to find out the cause and treatments to deal with this problem. The solution may be as simple as changing your toothpaste! 
Q: Does using floss really make a difference? 
A: Flossing is an effective method of removing plaque/food debris from between your teeth so flossing reduces the instances of gum problem and bad breath. Other methods of cleaning between your teeth can be explained by your dentist or hygienist. 
Q: How much time do I need to spend cleaning my teeth? 
A: At least 2 – 3 minutes 
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